Auditory learners

Auditory learners prefer to collect and confirm information via listening. Some of these learners learn best when the teacher explains orally. They can quickly process and act upon the information. Information written down has less meaning until auditory learners also hear it. Such learners enjoy a setting where they are able to clearly hear the sound in a learning situation and can easily sit at the back of the class, as they can benefit from lectures more than the other learners do. 

Some auditory learners learn best when participating in speaking activities in pairs/groups. These learners more effectively absorb and retain the information with dynamic use of the language. This learning style is also termed ‘musical or rhythmic learning style’.

Suitable teaching and learning activities

  • Storytelling
  • Read information out loud (e.g. instructions)
  • Provide auditory resources: CD's, podcasts
  • Speaking activities in pairs/groups


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