Kinesthetic learners

Kinesthetic learners absorb information best by doing, experiencing, touching, moving, or being active in some way. In other words, they best absorb information using their body, hands and sense of touch. Often, students with a kinesthetic learning style have a hard time learning through traditional lectures. In those circumstances, they fidget or can't sit still for long, they want to get up and move around. They would prefer to pull an engine apart and put it back together, rather than reading or looking at diagrams about how it works. This learning style is also termed ‘tactile or physical learning style’.

Suitable teaching and learning activities

  • Learning by doing: hands on learning methods, using manipulatives, imitations and practice 
  • Discovery learning and experiments
  • Constructions games
  • Demonstrations
  • Field trips and excursions
  • Role-playing and simulations
  • Allow frequent breaks 


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