Traditional and innovative resources

There is endless list of  Teaching and Learning Materials. The ones we are most familiar with are traditional resources. These may include any textbooks and workbooks used in the classroom. For example, language arts classrooms almost always have literature textbooks, writing textbooks, and even vocabulary and spelling workbooks. More innovative materials may include charts, maps, videos, images, diagrams and flashcards. These instructional materials were, among others, widely discussed in the subtopic on Tools for Active Teaching and Learning (click to retake any tool/instructional material of your interest). 

In addition to these resources and to help you find your way in the endless possibilities of instructional materials, this course provides you with five great and innovative teaching and learning tools which you can start using tomorrow:

1. Podcasts

2. Screencasts

3. Educational videos

4. Educational posters

5. Open Educational Resources (OERs)


  5.2 Types of instructional materials                                                                                   Podcasts 

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