Defining classroom management

Classroom management refers the collection of techniques that teachers use to encourage effective learning by minimizing distractions and disruptions. It includes all of the things that a teacher does toward fostering learner involvement, cooperation, and a productive working environment. When classroom management strategies are executed effectively, teachers minimize the behaviours that impede on learning and by so doing reinforce the practices that foster learning.

Classroom management also involves record keeping and the organization of non-academic tasks important in the documentation of teaching and learning processed. Such records include checking class attendance, keeping learner progress records, display and storage of instructional materials.

Most important, classroom management is concerned about learner engagement which is preparing learners to become self-directed and to take responsibility for their learning by determining their own learning goals, their use of and management of time and their relationship with other learners and teachers in the classroom. 


Essential elements of good classroom management

A teacher can have great lesson plans and materials. However, if a teacher cannot manage her/his class, effective learning will not happen. So, what are the essential elements of good classroom management? It is important for a teacher to have good classroom management skills. Both technical and personal relationship skills are important in classroom management. Below are management skills required of a teacher:

  • Planning a programme of learning and teaching for your class
  • Decision making concerning resources, teaching strategies and discipline
  • Organizing learning activities 
  • Attending to learner diversity
  • Coordinating learning in the classroom with learning from other sources
  • Communicating with learners and parents 
  • Establish good relationship with the learners
  • Establish class expectations, consequences and goals


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