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National Enrichment Programme

Welcome to the National Enrichment Programme from The Open University in Wales.

Find new ways of learning, develop your talents and shape your future with the National Enrichment Programme.

The Open University in Wales has partnered with Welsh colleges to develop the National Enrichment Programme, helping students develop the skills and confidence for their ongoing learning and next steps after college. 

You'll find everything you need to get the most out the NEP on this page, so remember to check back for updates. 

Hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg. / Also available in Welsh.

Free online learning

Learn something new right now

Get inspired by our selection of recommended free online courses and other resources below from OpenLearn. All OpenLearn resources are free and you can study whenever you want, at your own pace. Grab the NEP learner guide for help getting started. You might also find it useful to keep track of what you're learning and reflect as you go, we've got some templates that can help.

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Life skills

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Careers and employability

Health, sports and psychology

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Science, maths and technology

Courses 10 hours or less

Astudio trwy'r Gymraeg

NEP video library

Watch NEP talks and workshops

The NEP offers a series of digital workshops and expert talks covering a wide range of interesting subjects. All past videos are available below, download the NEP timetable for details of what's still to come.

NEP resources

Make the most of your independent study

Learn more about the NEP and get help with studying using the downloadable resources below.

Studying with the OU

Study part time for a degree with The Open University in Wales

Have you completed your college studies in Wales and considering your next move? Explore the flexibility of a part-time degree with The Open University in Wales, and fit your studies around your life so that you can earn while you learn. We offer high quality courses to anyone with the desire and drive to shape their future, regardless of age, background or income. Study part time with the experts in distance learning.

* Eligibility rules apply for financial support.



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