TI-AIE: Classroom routines

What this unit is about

This unit is about developing your routines for using English in the classroom. The focus is on the key language skills of speaking and listening.

Think of all the things you and your students say, at the start and end of the school day, and in between formal lessons. These moments are all regular opportunities for language teaching and learning.

You are probably the most important source of English for your students, especially if they are not exposed to English in their homes or their community.

Maybe you do not feel 100% confident about your own English. But English is acceptably spoken in a very wide range of accents, and with different levels of competence, everywhere in the world.

Everyone can learn English with encouragement and practice. The activities, case studies and resources in this unit are designed to help you get started to develop routines for using English in your classroom.

What you can learn in this unit