TI-AIE: Using games: the Periodic Table

What this unit is about

This unit explains how games can be used to teach your Class X students about the Periodic Table of Elements. The idea of using games in your lessons may seem unusual, especially in Class IX or X. However, educational games can be very useful teaching tools for teachers to know about and to use.

Through the excitement of being engaged in a game, students can become motivated to learn. Games can therefore help your students learn science more easily than normal teaching methods.

Games can also support the development of other important skills that your students need, such as working in a group, critical thinking, data analysis and observational skills. All these skills will help your students in other subjects and outside school, now and in later life.

Some of the games in this unit are classroom adaptations of well-known board games or popular TV game shows, which means they may have an added advantage of familiarity for your students.

What you can learn in this unit