TI-AIE: Effective demonstrations: teaching light and vision to Class X

What this unit is about

Demonstrations form an important part of science lessons. There are several potential benefits from using a demonstration:

  • An engaging demonstration can make the science ideas and concepts more meaningful for students.
  • It ensures that students see the correct procedure.
  • You only need one set of equipment.
  • Compared to other practical approaches, it allows you the greatest control. This is especially important when the practical work is complex or hazardous.
  • It allows you to direct attention to the chosen focus throughout the activity.

However, without careful planning, your students may not be fully engaged in the demonstration. When students are not adequately engaged, they do not learn effectively.

This unit is about developing effective demonstrations to help your Class X students learn about light and vision (related to Chapters 10 and 11 in the Class X textbook). The strategies and techniques that you will learn in this unit will apply to demonstrations in other topics as well.

What you can learn in this unit