TI-AIE: English grammar in action

What this unit is about

Your students may be able to recite grammar rules, but this does not necessarily mean that they are able to complete grammar exercises in the textbooks or exams. Being aware of grammar rules does not always mean that students can use language effectively when they speak or write. Memorising rules can be helpful when learning a language, but there are other techniques that you can use to help your students to understand English grammar and use it more effectively in their writing and speaking.

These techniques include:

  • giving students activities that help them to notice how grammar is used in passages in their textbooks or in other texts
  • helping students to guess grammar rules by looking at examples.

The purpose of these techniques is for students to do activities that allow them to notice patterns of English grammar and practise grammar through writing and speaking. Doing this will enhance your students’ ability to communicate in English (Lee and VanPatten, 2003).

What you can learn in this unit