TI-AIE: Hands-on learning and embodiment: constructions in geometry

What this unit is about

When you look around, there are angles to be noticed everywhere. Life without angles does not seem possible. There are angles in objects, in buildings, in hills, in trees, in the waves of the sea – even in people, in the movement of our arms and legs (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Angles are everywhere.

In this unit you will learn how hands-on learning and embodiment can be used when working on constructions in geometry with your students. The unit contains suggestions on using the outdoors as a mathematical arena. Working in this way can help your students become independent learners, able to think through the ideas they have studied in the classroom and apply them outside. To help your students further with this, the unit also discusses ways to help them become ‘unstuck’ in their learning of mathematics.

What you can learn in this unit