TI-AIE: Building mathematical resilience: similarity and congruency in triangles

What this unit is about

All learning requires a certain amount of resilience, and it is widely recognised that pupils in school today will need the resilience to learn throughout their lives. Mathematics seems to require a particular kind of resilience; partly because of the way that it is viewed in society, but also because many people require perseverance and effort to keep trying to overcome barriers that arise because of the way that mathematics is often presented. Helping students to build the kinds of resilience can enable them to learn mathematics better will, in turn, ensure that they get the qualifications that will maximise their life chances.

A good example of the complexity of mathematics can be found in the congruency and similarity of triangles, which is what you will study in this unit. These are in essence very simple and straightforward concepts; but look in any textbook and notice the inventiveness and creativity of mathematicians who, over the centuries, have developed so many mathematical ideas from such straightforward concepts.

Through the activities in this unit, you will also help to develop your students’ resilience in learning mathematics in order to feed their curiosity and ability to explore mathematical ideas – and as a result, put in the sufficient effort and perseverance to be successful.

What you can learn in this unit