TI-AIE: Comparing and contrasting tasks: volume and capacity

What this unit is about

‘Compare and contrast’ is an activity to make students aware of mathematical properties and their applications. It is effective for learning about subtle samenesses and differences. When you compare, you identify what is the same; when you contrast, you identify what is different.

Measuring is a skill that is used frequently in everyday life. For example: measuring the quantity of water to be added for cooking, the quantity of fuel to fill up your car, the length of cloth for a new dress, etc. Estimation is often used in many such daily measurements, for example: add about two cups of water, the car will need about half a tank of fuel, etc. In school mathematics exact measures and correct units are usually needed.

Capacity and volume are measurements related to three-dimensional objects which are often confused by students. In this unit you will think about helping your students to understand the similarities and differences between capacity and volume by using the teaching technique of ‘compare and contrast’.

What you can learn in this unit