TI-AIE: Brainstorming: sound

What this unit is about

This unit aims to help to develop your expertise in using the technique of brainstorming with your students.

Brainstorming involves giving the students a topic or theme such as sound and asking them to give you all the ideas that come into their minds. This way, you build up a picture of their understanding about a topic. It is a way to encourage students to participate more in lessons without being worried about being wrong, because you accept all their answers.

The unit shows you how to use brainstorming and helps you plan how to use the information you gather to plan more effective lessons. These lessons build on what your students already know rather than just focusing on what is in the textbook, especially if they already know what is in the chapter. You will have a chance to assess the impact of such techniques on your students’ learning and their active participation.

What you can learn in this unit