TI-AIE: Local resources for teaching English

What this unit is about

In this unit you will explore ways to teach English using the spoken and written English that you see and hear around you in your local area as a resource.

English is used in India for different purposes and in different ways in each part of the country. In the big cities many people use English every day. English is seen on street signs, in advertisements, newspapers and magazines, and English is heard in popular music and cinema. These examples can provide you with interesting teaching resources that can be motivating to students.

In remote villages, English may not be found everywhere, but it is often present. When you look for it, you may find more than you expect; for example, on food packets, tickets and labels on the clothes you buy, and in Hindi film music. In most rural areas there are people who go to or come from nearby towns and cities. Such people can be resources for English. They can share their experiences about how they use English and other languages for different purposes.

This unit is designed to help you use resources from your local area in your English lessons. This will help you to motivate students and highlight the usefulness of knowing English.

What you can learn in this unit