TI-AIE: The learning environment

What this unit is about

The focus in this unit is on environmental print and the print-rich environment of your classroom.

Students take their first steps towards literacy when they become aware that the print they see around them carries meaning. ‘Environmental print’ at home and in the community is often the first writing that students learn to read. This is the writing that is part of everyday life – writing we see all around us on signs, tickets, newspapers, packets and posters. When students come to school, they see new forms of environmental print: charts, lists, schedules, labels and all kinds of reading material. Teachers can make good use of these community and school resources to teach English.

The activities in this unit give you opportunities to improve the print environment of your classroom – whatever your starting point may be – and to improve and practise your English with students. Adapt the activities based on your professional needs and the needs of your students.

What you can learn in this unit