TI-AIE: Planning around a text

What this unit is about

This unit is about how to plan a variety of language and literacy activities linked to a story, a text or to a textbook lesson. The unit also focuses on managing group work for these activities.

There is so much you can do with a story, a poem or even a newspaper article. Any text that you choose for English lessons can be the starting point for helping students to develop English language skills through activities linked to this text.

Students like new experiences, but they also like routines where they can have repeated opportunities to practise new skills and ideas. These factors mean that you should be ready to plan a range of activities around any text that you choose for your English class.You can also adapt your activities to cater to a diverse group of students and classes.

The activities in this unit will take you, step by step, through planning, preparing, managing and evaluating multiple activity lessons based on a text of your choice.

What you can learn in this unit