TI-AIE: Using the textbook creatively

What this unit is about

This unit is about using your textbook as a starting point to develop ongoing additional English language learning in lessons. The textbook is an important resource for you in your lessons. This unit shows you how you can use the textbook flexibly, and build on the ideas in it to make your lessons more interesting and to improve student learning.

To learn English, your students need plenty of speaking and listening practice – not just in the language lesson. Frequent and short listening and speaking activities can supplement your English language lessons and can also improve your own confidence in using English in the classroom.

When you adapt and extend language textbook lessons to your own students, you can encourage them to use English for many different purposes. You also improve your own English confidence and teaching skills. The case studies and activities in this unit are designed to help you plan these opportunities in your classroom.

What you can learn in this unit