TI-AIE: Using the community: environmental issues

What this unit is about

Children have a natural tendency to explore their world spontaneously. Outdoor learning is a creative, enjoyable and engaging form of learning. It is an integral part of good practice in all curriculum areas. The outdoor school environment and beyond has the potential to offer real-world, hands-on experiences that will engage and stimulate scientific thinking. It provides opportunities to carry out authentic practical work in elementary science.

The National Curriculum Framework of India (2005) states that a child is a natural learner, and that knowledge and understanding are outcomes of their activities. It also states that children are curious, constantly ask questions and love to explore their environment as a way of making sense of their immediate world.

Outdoor learning can involve a visit to a local park or a journey further afield, but exploring the school grounds and immediate surroundings can often be equally effective.

This unit explores how taking lessons outside the classroom can improve students’ motivation and understanding of key scientific concepts. The unit focuses on plants and habitats.

What you can learn in this unit