TI-AIE: Using visualisation: algebraic identities

What this unit is about

Algebraic identities play an important role in the mathematics curriculum and in mathematics in general. In Class IX in the Indian secondary school curriculum, eight types of identities are used when solving equations and polynomials. Knowing and recognising these identities helps students to learn mathematical procedures. It will also enable them to develop fluency when applying these procedures in algebraic manipulations and problem solving. In order to use the power of identities fully, it is important to be able to spot variations in the algebraic identities. The main issue when learning and applying identities is that, for most students, the work is purely a question of memorising and regurgitating them.

This unit will explore some different approaches using visual representation that you can use with your students to help them learn algebraic identities. These approaches rely less on memorisation and instead build on understanding the concepts of identities.

What you can learn in this unit