TI-AIE: Reading for information

What this unit is about

In this unit you will explore ways of helping your students develop effective skills to read for information. By incorporating texts from a range of subject areas into your language and literacy classroom, you will support your students’ active reading across all areas of the curriculum.

You will be introduced to a number of activities that are suitable for students from Class V upwards. These include an ‘anticipation guide’ to prepare students to read unfamiliar or challenging texts, a list of features that can support them in locating the key points in curriculum subject texts, and a table that can be used to distinguish the importance of the ideas in a passage. The unit also encourages you to monitor your students’ progress and adjust your teaching accordingly.

Reading and understanding information is a key life skill that will make a significant difference to your students’ success in school and beyond. Your role in teaching them a range of strategies to read different types of information-based texts is therefore vital, particularly if they have few opportunities to read outside school.


You can download these files for use offline or on a mobile device.

The materials below are provided for offline use for your convenience and are not tracked. If you wish to save your progress, please go through the online version.

What you can learn in this unit