TI-AIE: Supporting reading for understanding

What this unit is about

Sometimes when students read in a language that they are learning, such as English, they focus on the words that they don’t know, or the grammatical structures that they don’t understand. This means that they don’t focus on the overall meaning of what they are reading: the events of the story or the arguments of the writer, for example.

This unit is about helping your students to understand the meaning of what they are reading in English, particularly the lessons in their textbooks. It describes some techniques that you can use to help your students understand what they are reading in English. It shows you how to run some activities that students can do before, during, and after reading a text, that will help them focus on the meaning of what they are reading. At the end of the unit, you will find a lesson plan for teaching a lesson using all of these techniques.

What you can learn in this unit