TI-AIE: Using games: electricity

What this unit is about

This unit explores how games can be used to teach and support your students to learn about electricity and provide a range of educational benefits.

Games are a useful tool to use in science lessons to play, engage and motivate students. Games are usually seen as fun things to play and so most students will want to participate. Your students will learn the science you are trying to teach more easily.

There is a range of games that you could use in your classroom, most of which do not require too much preparation. Many of these are well-known games that families play at home and, with some changes, they can be used to help students learn science. Once you have devised and made your games you can use them over and over again. Games can also be modified and adapted to most science topics.

Many students will enjoy playing these games when they have a spare moment as well as in lessons. All of this will help them to strengthen their understanding and build confidence in their knowledge.

What you can learn in this unit