Resource 1: Planning templates

A graphic organiser is a pictorial way of organising information. There are many different types. It is a useful resource to list language activities around a theme and can be used for clarifying thinking or summarising.

Graphic organisers also help us to remember better (Figures R1.1–5). They can be used by teachers for planning, during teaching and for assessing students. They can be used by students for taking notes, consolidating their learning or as a ready reckoner for recall.

Figure R1.1 Venn: if you are planning across two subjects, such as English and Science.
Figure R1.2 Web: for listing all activities on a theme.
Figure R1.3 Sequence chain: one activity sequentially leads to the next.
Figure R1.4 Pyramid: students must complete ‘baseline’ activities before they can do the next activities, which will require the baseline knowledge or skills.
Figure R1.5 Flexagon: see Case Study 2.

Resource 2: Assessing progress and performance