4 Summary

Your textbook can be a ‘magic box’ for language activities. The textbook is a useful guide and source of ideas, but as the teacher you must build on it. Use the textbook as a resource and a means to learn language, rather than as an end in itself. This way you can adapt the textbook to meet the specific needs of your students. Of course, you can also create a variety of activities based on any story or poem of your choice, a story or poem that students choose, or a local place or local event.

Rehearsal and practice will enable you and your students to get used to the sound of your own voices speaking English often, rather than just occasionally. You might feel a bit feel foolish when you rehearse and practise English, but this can create a vicious cycle of not rehearsing because you feel foolish and then never get any better. We hope this unit has suggested some creative activities to break this cycle.

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3 Bringing a textbook lesson to life