5 Summary

In this unit you have focused on developing and monitoring reading, and moving from reading aloud to silent reading in English. You have looked at reading cards as a resource, and you have looked at management issues in reading group work. You have also considered assessment of reading aloud and silent reading.

One of the greatest benefits of knowing how to read is that, once the skill is mastered, your students can go on to read whatever they find interesting. They can go forward on their own, without waiting for the rest of the class or the teacher to tell them what to read. We hope the activities and case studies in this unit help you to develop your classroom English reading routines.

Other Elementary English teacher development units on this topic are:

  • Letters and sounds of English
  • Storytelling
  • Shared reading
  • Planning around a text
  • Promoting the reading environment.

4 Whole-class guided reading in groups