6 Summary

This unit has focused on the division algorithm, how to help students understand about division and how divisional algorithms work.

In reading this unit you have thought about how to enable your students to use contexts that they are likely to experience in everyday life in order to be able to visualise what they are doing. In this way they will develop an understanding of what the division algorithm means.

You can use these ideas for other mathematical concepts. Setting students a ‘real-life’ problem engages them and helps them to see how mathematics is useful outside of school. Working in groups enables all students to discuss and develop ideas collaboratively. Dialogue is important in the development of their mathematical understanding.

From this unit you will have considered how to help students understand each part of the division algorithm by coming up with the relationship for themselves rather than being presented with the algorithm unrelated to their own world. You will have noticed that asking the students to look at the concept of division in different ways helps them make important connections.

You have also seen how reflecting on your teaching is important in becoming better at supporting the learning of your students.

Pause for thought

Identify three techniques or strategies you have learned in this unit that you might use again in your classroom.

5 Working on a bigger scale