5 Summary

In this unit you have studied how hands-on learning and embodiment can be used when working on constructions in geometry. You have seen how you can use the outdoors as a mathematical arena – where ideas can be explored and links and relationships in mathematics can be established. Working in this way can help your students become independent learners who are able to think through the ideas they have studied in the classroom and apply them outside. As you have seen, this will help them when they come to examinations – but more importantly, it will help them to use mathematics in their lives and in their careers as they reach adulthood.

Pause for thought

Identify three ideas that you have used in this unit that would work when teaching other topics. For example, you might take the ideas from Activity 4, moving from enacting mathematics through to pictures and symbols. Make a note now of two topics you have to teach soon where those ideas can be used with some small adjustments.

4 From embodied mathematics to representations on paper