5 Resources

Resource 1: Developing your own English

Here is a list of phrases that could be useful for carrying out the activities in this unit.

Helping students speak

  • Can you read out what you have written, please?
  • Tell us what you have written.
  • Can I see your sentence?
  • I don’t agree with you.
  • Do you agree with her?
  • The word you are looking for is XXX.
  • What I think you mean is XXX.

Telling a story

  • Would you like to hear a story?
  • One day, many years ago, there was a …
  • What do you think happened next?
  • Can you guess?
  • How did he/she feel? What do you think?
  • Now it’s your turn.

Correcting mistakes after a speaking activity

  • You spoke very well.
  • Look at these phrases on the board.
  • There are some mistakes.
  • What are the mistakes?
  • What’s wrong with this sentence?
  • What’s wrong with this word?
  • Does anyone know the correct word?
  • Can anyone write the correct sentence?

Here are some tips for developing your own speaking skills:

  • Listen to as much English as you can, for example on the radio or the Internet.
  • Watch movies or TV programmes in English if you can.
  • Read English texts aloud to yourself. If you can, record yourself and listen to it. Then do it again!

Practise speaking with your colleagues or anyone else who speaks English. Perhaps you could start a local English club where you chat in English for one hour a week?

Resource 2: Using groupwork