Resource 3: ‘The Snake and the Crows’

There were two crows that had a nest at the top of a banyan tree. A snake lived at the bottom of the tree. The crows had four eggs in the nest, and didn’t want to leave the nest. They were afraid that the snake would eat the eggs. Eventually, they were hungry and flew from the nest to find food.

While they were away, the snake climbed the tree and ate the eggs. The crows were very sad.

A few weeks later, they had four more eggs in their nest. They were afraid to leave the nest so they stayed there as long as they could. Eventually, they needed to leave to look for food. One again, the snake climbed the tree and ate the eggs. The crows were very upset.

They talked to a fox who gave them a cunning plan. The crows flew to the King’s palace and stole the princess’s favourite necklace. They flew past the guards, showing the necklace. The guards chased the crows towards the tree. The crows dropped the necklace onto the snake. The guards killed the snake and got the necklace. Now that the snake was dead, the crows did not have to be afraid to leave their nests any more. They could have some babies.

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