Resource 4: Techniques that can help students tell stories on their own

Using pictures

Pictures can be a good way to get students speaking. You can show students a picture and ask them to guess what is happening, or you can use them to help students understand a story. In the case study, the teacher used the pictures as prompts when the class was ready to tell the story.

Using the board

The teacher wrote key words and phrases on the board. When students told the story in groups, less confident students were able to use the support on the board, and more confident members of the class were able to use different words and phrases if they wanted.

Working in groups

If you ask one or two individuals from a class to tell a story, then only those individuals get to practise speaking. If students work in groups to tell a story, then everybody gets a chance to speak. Telling a story in groups is easier and less intimidating than standing up and speaking to the whole class. Also, students in groups can give each other feedback and support.

Doing the activity twice

It can be very useful for students to sometimes do a speaking activity twice. The first time is a kind of rehearsal and allows them to practise what they are going to say. The second time, it will be easier for them to use the new language, and they will be more fluent and confident.

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