Resource 1: Other approaches to teaching English grammar

Table R1.1 Other approaches to teaching English grammar.
Teacher Benefits Problems

It’s quick. Students practise with an exercise

Can be effective with lower levels

Memorising rules has some problems: some students can’t remember; and it can be difficult to apply the rules

Students don’t get a lot of practice (one exercise); what about the students who don’t understand?


Students see more examples of the grammar point, and get more practice than the approach of Teacher A

In groups, students can help each other (especially if someone didn’t understand the explanation)

When students write their own sentences, they remember them more

It takes longer than the approach of Teacher A

Students might write incorrect sentences

Some students in a group might do all of the work, and others may not work

The sentences are all different so the teacher can’t check all of the work

C Students see several examples; they work the rules out for themselves – this helps them to remember more Can be difficult for students who are not used to it; takes more time than the approaches of Teachers A and B

Resource 2: Extract from a textbook