Resource 3: Develop your own English

Here is some language you could use in your classroom when teaching grammar:

  • This sentence is in direct speech. Can you tell me how to put it in reported speech?
  • Yes, that’s a good start. Can anyone help?
  • OK, very good. Now let’s look at the next example. Can another student tell me how to put this sentence in reported speech?
  • Can you find an example of the past tense in this passage?
  • There is an example of simple past in the third paragraph.
  • The person in this sentence is ‘my mother’. What form of the verb ‘have’ do you need’ to use in this sentence?
  • We use past tense when we are writing about something that happened at a specific time in the past. It is finished now.
  • Which letters do we usually add to a verb to talk about the past?
  • Why does the word ‘replied’ have the letter ‘i’ in it?
  • ‘We was going to Basra.’ Is that correct?

Here are some tips for developing your own knowledge and use of grammar:

  • Identify the mistakes you often make, or the grammar points that you want to improve. Make a plan of how and when you are going to work on these points.
  • Obtain or arrange access to a grammar reference book (or find an online resource). Refer to it whenever you have a question about grammar.
  • Read as much as possible in English and pay close attention to the grammar. This is also very useful for developing your vocabulary.
  • Discuss grammar points with colleagues.
  • Try grammar practice exercises, either in a grammar book or online. See below for some useful links.

Here are some links to websites where you can learn about and practise grammar:

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Resource 4: Using local resources