Resource 4: Completed planning form

Table R3.1 Completed planning form.
Class Class IX
Passage The Happy Prince (NCERT, Moments: Supplementary Reader in English for Class IX)
Section Activity

Section 1, from ‘High above the city …’ to ‘I am the Happy Prince.’


The teacher reads this section aloud to the whole class. Students have their books closed and listen. As they listen, they draw a picture of what they hear in the section. The drawing will have a statue of the prince on a high column, a swallow sitting at the foot of the prince and tears falling from the prince’s eyes and falling on the swallow’s head.

Section 2, from ‘Why are you weeping then?’ to ‘… and he looked quite happy.’

Listening, reading, writing and speaking

The teacher asks students to guess why the prince is weeping. The teacher reads from ‘When I was alive…’ to ‘He was too polite to make any personal remarks.’

The teacher organises the class into groups of three students and assigns one of two sub-sections to each group:

  • Half the groups have the section telling the story of the seamstress (from ‘Far away …’to ‘Thinking always made him sleepy’).
  • Half the groups have the section telling the story of the writer (from ‘When day broke …’ to ‘… and he looked quite happy’).

The groups read their sections and write a summary together, and then share their summaries with the whole class.

Section 3, from ‘The next day the swallow flew down to the harbour …’ to ‘… and he slept at the Prince’s feet.’


The teacher tells students that the prince and the swallow help a third person. In pairs, the students guess who they help and how. They write some lines about their guesses, and a few groups share their ideas with the whole class.

The teacher then reads the section aloud to the whole class (while the students have books closed) and asks them to listen out for who the third person is.

The teacher checks that students understand that the swallow has decided to stay with the prince.

Section 4, from ‘All the next day …’ to the end of the story.


The students read the section silently and then answer comprehension questions about the passage in pairs. The teacher dictates answers to the comprehension questions to the whole class.

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