Resource 1: Possible answers to Activity 2

Table R1.1 Possible answers to Activity 2.
Teacher activity Purpose
I draw pictures on the board to explain vocabulary that students don’t know. The picture helps students learn and remember new words and phrases.
I draw a picture related to a traditional story. As I draw, the students have to guess what the story is, and then tell the story. The picture provides a prompt for a speaking activity.
I ask students to look at a picture that accompanies a story (in the textbook, newspaper or magazine). I ask them: ‘What can you see in the picture?’ and then encourage them to use as much English as possible to describe what they can see. Then I ask, ‘From this picture can you guess what the text might be about?’ The picture helps students to prepare for a reading activity.
I cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines. I describe the picture and ask my students to draw it. The picture is used for a listening activity.
I give a picture to one student in a group, who describes it to the rest of the group. The other students have to draw it without seeing the picture. The picture is used for a listening and speaking activity.
I ask the students to work in groups of four or five. I give each group a different picture and ask them to write a paragraph (or a few words) describing their picture. I then display all the pictures at the front of the classroom. I ask one student from each group to read out their paragraph. The other students have to guess which picture the paragraph describes. The picture is used for a writing, speaking and listening activity.

Resource 2: Using pictures in the English classroom