Resource 3: A checklist that students can use to review their own or their classmates’ writing

Here’s a useful checklist for reviewing any written work. You can use checklists like these to correct, mark and assess written work (see Supporting language learning through continuous assessment):

  • Does the text meet the task? (Has the student written the assignment that they were asked to? For example, has the student written a newspaper report about a local cricket match, or has the student written about a biography of their favourite cricket player?)
  • Is the text clear and easy to understand? Is it organised and sequenced logically?
  • Is there a wide range of vocabulary? Are words repeated often?
  • Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes, or mistakes with punctuation?
  • Is the style appropriate for the reader? (For example, a cricket report for the newspaper should contain facts, and it should be interesting to read.)
  • What’s good about the text? What is interesting about it?

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