5 Summary

This unit has explored what factors determine a positive school culture and how, as a school leader, you can work with the staff and stakeholders to enhance the learning culture in your school. This involves working from evidence, including observation, and making an action plan for change. Periodic reviews are critical if you want your school to go on improving . By engaging others in solving problems, agreeing goals and monitoring progress, your achievement of a positive school culture becomes a shared objective, with everybody understanding their part in promoting learning.

This unit is part of the set or family of units that relate to the key area of transforming teaching-learning process (aligned to the National College of School Leadership). You may find it useful to look next at other units in this set to build your knowledge and skills:

  • Leading improvements in teaching and learning in the elementary school
  • Leading improvements in teaching and learning in the secondary school
  • Leading assessment in your school
  • Supporting teachers to raise performance
  • Leading teachers’ professional development
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Promoting inclusion in your school
  • Managing resources for effective student learning
  • Leading the use of technology in your school.

4 Developing a positive shared culture