Resource 1: Summary of TESS-India resources

School Leadership OERs (for you)

There are 20 OERs designed for school leaders (headteachers, principals and deputies, and those aspiring to these roles). These OERs support the school leaders in different aspects of their role, including the processes and systems that are necessary to lead a school through change and improvement. They are also designed to support leaders in enabling real changes to take place in learning and teaching, and for schools to become more focused in delivering learning in an effective, collaborative manner. These are listed in Resource 3.

Key resources

The TESS-India OERs are supported by a set of ten key resources. These key resources, which apply to all subjects and levels, offer you and your teachers further practical guidance on key practices in the pedagogy of the TESS-India OERs. They include ways of organising students, learning activities and teacher–student and student–student interactions. These key resources are incorporated into the OERs as appropriate (as resources) and are also available as individual documents for teacher-educators or school leaders to use in training and other contexts.

Audio-visual material

There is also a set of video clips that match the themes of the key resources, illustrating core participatory classroom techniques. These clips show teachers and students using participatory practices in a range of Indian classrooms and include a commentary to guide the viewer to notice particular actions and behaviours. The video clips are shot in Hindi classrooms and the audio is translated for different states. Links to these video clips are inserted into the OERs at appropriate points marked by a video icon, , and are available to users online. It is possible for users to download the video clips for use on tablets, PCs, DVDs and mobile phones using SD cards.

Teacher Development OERs (for your teachers)

There are 60 elementary OERs in four subject areas: 15 each in Language and Literacy, Elementary English, Elementary Maths, and Elementary Science. These OERs are for teachers and teacher educators, and provide practical ideas for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Resource 2: Leadership competencies audit