Resource 2: Leadership competencies audit

Table R2.1 Leadership competencies audit (adapted from MacBeath and Myers, 1999).
Leadership competenciesHow do you rate yourself? (Tick one column)In what situation did you last do this?
Highly competentAdequately competentBarely competent
Working with othersSupporting others

Recognising individual efforts

Promoting other people’s self-esteem

Developing others by providing opportunities for development and reflection

Minimising anxiety

Being a reflective and empathetic listenerSeeking to understand before making judgements

Listening to individual ideas and problems

Actively encouraging feedback

Empowering othersEmpowering others to make decisions and take responsibility

Modelling behaviourDemonstrating personal integrity
Modelling the attitudes and values that you wish to promote

Showing enthusiasm

Being proactive in making decisionsProviding direction and a clear vision

Making decisions

Promoting understanding of key issues

Managing changeEncouraging new ways of doing things
Anticipating possible future challenges
Treating mistakes as learning opportunities
Encouraging teamworkEncouraging and promoting teamwork by involving all

Resource 3: School Leadership learning outcomes