2 What is in the TESS-India OERs?

TESS-India has resources to support teachers in developing participatory approaches to learning. In this section and the next section, you will have a look at the resources available and select a focus for change (Stage 2 in Figure 2).

Resource 2 sets out the principles of the pedagogy for the TESS-India project and provides a useful summary of the changes (or learning movement) that the materials are designed to support.

Resource 3 lays out the actual content of the key resources and the different OERs. There are 15 OERs each in the areas of Secondary Science, Secondary English, and Secondary Maths, as well as a set of key resources with associated videos, all shot in Indian schools.

Activity 2: Looking at a TESS-India OER

Choose one TESS-India OER to look at in detail. If possible, do this activity with a senior colleague. The OERs have been designed to help teachers learn particular skills and competencies. As you read the TESS-India OER, have a look at Resource 4, which explains the structure of the OER. With your colleague, identify what the teacher will learn in each section of the unit.

Look at the TESS-India key resources. Which key resources does the OER refer to? If possible, watch the TESS-India videos that are linked to the OER.

Remember that the TESS-India OERs do not cover the whole student curriculum. They are designed to give teachers ideas that can easily be used or adapted for other topics.

1 Enabling participatory, student-centred pedagogy

3 What change should you lead?