Resource 1: Audit of student-centred teaching and learning

Table R1.1Audit for student-centred teaching and learning.
Statement Related key resource

To what extent is this happening in my school?

(Never, occasionally, sometimes, always)

Examples of where this is happening (teacher, class, description)
Teachers plan lessons that involve a variety of teaching and learning approaches. Planning lessons’
Teachers use formative assessment in their classrooms ‘Assessing progress and performance’
Teachers monitor students’ work and provide individual oral and written feedback. ‘Monitoring and giving feedback’
Teachers use storytelling, role play and drama to interest students in learning. ‘Storytelling, songs, role play and drama’
Teachers use familiar local resources to support learning and relate the learning to everyday life. ‘Using local resources’
Teachers ask a variety of open questions that allow students to offer explanations and voice ‘Using questioning to promote thinking’
Teachers encourage students to talk together about their learning, as a whole class, in pairs, or in groups. ‘Talk for learning’
Teachers actively involve all students in the lessons. ‘Involving all’

Resource 2: Principles of pedagogy