Resource 2: Principles of pedagogy

TESS-India aims to achieve transformational change for schools and teachers. The teacher development OERs are congruent with national policy aims. At the core of TESS-India is the student as an active learner and the teacher as the agent in their learning. The TESS-India OERs aim to move teachers away from more traditional practices and habits that make assumptions about learning and learners towards more empowering practice. They provide teachers with the ideas and tools to apply their learning to their practice, extending their repertoire and transforming their perception of the goals of education. The model of teacher change is about active experimentation and recognises the importance of teachers making mistakes and gaining enjoyment and motivation from challenging themselves.

The pedagogic shift (or learning movement) promoted by TESS-India Teacher Development OERs is summarised in Figure R2.1.

Figure R2.1 TESS-India learning movement (adapted from rationale and aims by Professor Patricia Murphy).

Resource 3: List of TESS-India key resources and OERs