4 Creating a Learning Plan

Having identified your professional development needs, you can now make a Learning Plan to address these needs. Resource 3 provides a list of the TESS-India School Leadership OERs.

A good one to start with (after this unit) is Transforming teaching-learning process: leading improvements in teaching and learning in the elementary school, which focuses on the core pedagogy of the TESS-India project and will give you the chance to explore the other resources that are available. All of the materials are ‘Open Educational Resources’, which means that they are free – you can make copies of them and you can adapt them to suit your context.

Activity 4: Your Learning Plan through the TESS-India OERs

Follow these steps to create a Learning Plan for yourself using the TESS-India School Leadership OERs:

  1. Look at the titles of the School Leadership OERs in Resource 3 and explore what each OER covers. Look at the way that the units are grouped – for example, there are three units related to developing your teachers.
  2. Identify three units that you would like to study. Make a note of the order in which you will study them in your Learning Diary.
  3. Take a more detailed look at your chosen units and decide how long you need to spend on each one.
  4. Make a plan for the term. Consider your work priorities, the timing of any courses you will be attending and any commitments that you have to other projects or initiatives.

Use Resource 4 to record your Learning Plan. Display it in a prominent place and refer to it each week.

Lastly, decide how you will access the materials (online or offline, or printouts) and think about anyone you might work with to extend and consolidate your learning.

3 Conducting a needs analysis

5 Enacting your Learning Plan – the school leader as enabler