Resource 1: Teachers and technology

The purpose of this questionnaire is for school leaders to find out the knowledge and skills of teachers in order to plan how technology might be used to support teaching and learning in school.

  1. Please indicate in Table R1.1 which technology you currently use both in school and outside school.
Table R1.1 The technology your teachers use inside and outside school.
Technology Do you use this outside school? On a scale of 1–5, how confident are you in using this equipment? (1 = not at all confident and 5 = highly confident) Do you use this in the classroom?
Desktop computers
Internet access
Basic mobile phone (but with a calculator, voice recorder and camera)
Smartphone (with internet access)
Social media (Twitter, Facebook)
Digital camera (perhaps linked to a phone or tablet)
CD/tape player
Television/DVD player
  1. What skills do you currently have or are keen to learn? Give your answers in Table R1.2.
Table R1.2 Computer skills audit.
Computer skills I can do this I am keen to learn how to do this
Operating a mouse
Opening and saving files and creating folders
Word processing
Printing a document that you have created on a computer
Making presentations
Using a spreadsheet
Searching the internet
Downloading materials from the internet
Inserting a CD into a computer and accessing the contents
Reading files and saving files with a memory stick
Connecting the computer to loudspeakers and a projector
Taking photographs on a mobile phone or tablet
Saving photographs onto a computer from a digital camera
Sending and receiving emails
Sending an email with an attachment
Accessing Twitter and Facebook
Shopping on the internet
Watching film clips on YouTube
Uploading a film on to YouTube
Scanning a document into a computer
Watching a DVD on a laptop
  1. In your daily life as a teacher in this school, list the three biggest teaching and learning challenges that you face.

Resource 2: Technological solutions to common challenges