5 Summary

This unit has shown how small changes and the introduction of new routines and ways of working can make a big difference to your students. Through investigating the conditions necessary for germination, this unit has explored ways in which you can enhance the learning environment in your classroom. By using the physical environment as part of your teaching approach and making it interesting and stimulating, and by involving your students in enhancing the classroom environment, you have begun to build up a safe secure environment where they can learn effectively. This will build their self-esteem and confidence to tackle any topic.

As a teacher you have a responsibility to provide the best opportunities for learning that you can for your students. Opportunities that are meaningful and relate to your students’ life experiences and abilities are vital in the classroom to enhance learning. It is through using a variety of approaches, including practical investigations, that students will develop many of the essential thinking skills, such as gathering and interpreting evidence. This will contribute to the development of more complex critical thinking for the future.

4 Ongoing development of the learning environment