Resource 4: More or less important information

You can choose a reading passage from any subject area. This may be from a textbook or printed from the internet. This can be an individual, pair or group activity. If your students work in pairs or groups, they can discuss and compare their views on what information is more and less important in a text, tallying and charting their responses before reporting back to the whole class.

You can make the table as long or as short as you like, based on how much your students are expected to read in the session. Your students can use the completed table to write a summary or a report of what they have read.

Instructions to students

Read the chapter, passage or article, and note down the more and less important information. When you have finished, go to the bottom of the chart and write what you think is the key idea from the whole chapter, passage or article.

Table R4.1 Defining more and less important information in an information text.
Title of textbook chapter, passage or article
Pages read
More important ideas and information Less important ideas and information
Key ideas

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