4 Outlining the citizenship project

Activity 5: Outlining and scheduling the project

Make a detailed plan of the project. A table format with several columns works best for this.

  • Begin by listing all the activities that you anticipate the project will involve.
  • Note alongside each activity the language and learning opportunities that it offers.
  • Decide which of the activities will be undertaken by the whole class and which are more suited to being distributed across small groups.
  • Note down what you will need to organise in advance of each activity. This might include collecting particular resources, contacting local experts or gaining permissions for class visits. In each case, consider how much preparation time you require.
  • Now plan a series of lessons that cover the different activities that you have identified over the next few weeks, sequencing them in an appropriate order.
  • When you have finished, schedule each lesson into your teaching timetable, bearing in mind its fit with other subject areas in the curriculum. You may wish to allow a little extra time in the schedule to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Share this planning process with a colleague if helpful.

You may find the key resource ‘Planning lessons [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] ’ helpful.

Video: Planning lessons

Identifying sources of information for the project

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