Why this approach is important

Examinations provide information about students’ achievements once or twice a year and generally focus on their reading and writing skills. However, there are opportunities to monitor, assess and provide feedback on your students’ progress in every lesson. ‘Feedback’ in this context means constructively informing students of their performance in respect of a particular learning objective and guiding them as to how to improve or build on this.

Monitoring, assessment and feedback can relate to many aspects of students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing development. By gathering information on your students in a continuous way, and identifying those students who are experiencing difficulty or those who are ready for further challenges, you can adjust your teaching to better meet the needs of everyone in the class. This unit shows you how teaching, monitoring, assessment and giving feedback can be integrated into your regular classroom practice.

What you can learn in this unit

1 Attitudes and practices regarding monitoring, assessment and feedback